WE’VE written before about Lizzie Reid’s remarkable ability to pull away at your heartstrings and burrow deep down into your subconscious with each aching lyric.

On her new EP ‘Mooching’, she reminds us of this skill time and time again. Only a year after her debut EP ‘Cubicle’ was released, she returns with a more expansive sound thanks to Frightened Rabbit’s Andy Monaghan – lending more weight to her beautifully worded observations and soothing vocals.

We are welcomed into this richer sound straight away with ‘Love of Her Life’ – we hear her every word over reverb-soaked guitars and melancholic melodies. ‘Bible’ a track we’ve heard before, is imbued with same unflinching honesty and thoughtful introspection – as she explores the feeling of ‘being nervous about falling in love again’. Instantly timeless, the sounds of the organ reflect its religious title.

On ‘Soda Pop Stream’, she reflects on a period when she was having many panic attacks. Brimming with swagger and delectable harmonies, it’s completed by a fuzz-drenched guitar solo that unleashes her inner rockstar.

‘How Do I Show You My Love’ encapsulates her talents perfectly as she channels feelings of grief, pain and worry over a moving piano melody. Exploring her struggle to express herself, it’s a deeply intimate piece of music that hits you straight in the heart – heightened by the piano creaks and groans, and the quiet vocal harmonies. Without bowing under the pressure of such a huge question, there is a sense of warmth and reassurance as the song reaches its conclusion – as if love will win in the end.

‘Warpaint’ is perhaps her poppiest to date. Taking the disappointment of seeing her crush at a party with a new boyfriend, she turns her feelings into something fun and vibrant –  dizzying guitar lines ring out and layered vocals give it a real sense of joy.

Another step forward for the singer-songwriter, ‘Mooching’ unveils new depths and intricacies to Lizzie Reid’s peerless songwriting. An artist blossoming before our very eyes, she is a rare talent.

Lizzie Reid plays The Caves in Edinburgh on 25th October and Oran Mor in Glasgow on 10th December.