LIZZIE REID has unveiled a new single called ‘Warpaint’.

It’s the third to be shared from her upcoming EP ‘Mooning’, out on 24th August on sevenfoursevensix.

Played during her Glad Cafe shows last month, it’s a light-hearted track about living in the moment and shedding your worries. A song about turning up a party to find the girl she fancies with a new boyfriend, she channels the disappointment into something fun and vibrant –  dizzying guitar lines ring out like we’ve never heard in her music before and layered vocals give it a real sense of joy.

She says “‘Warpaint’, to me, is a song that says enjoy today and stop worrying about the details. There are challenges ahead but for now, live in the moment, enjoy making music and go out and experience new things.

“I feel that its story is something that most people can relate to: you fancy someone who doesn’t fancy you back! It’s not the end of the world because the relationship was over before it ever began. There’s no point in getting upset about such things. It’s a light-hearted song and it gives me a chance to let loose for a bit when I perform it live.”

Listen in below.

Photo by Matilda Hill-Jenkins