LA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Lou Roy has announced details of her debut album ‘Pure Chaos’, along with its lead single ‘Uppercut’.

Emblematic of her vibrant personality, the new song is like a three-minute dose of sunshine. Rolling with the punches, Roy pinpoints life’s pleasures and flicks the finger at the world’s harsh realities – ‘Uppercut’ is dynamic, life-affirming and beaming with optimism. She delivers the good vibes over acoustic guitars, surging electric guitar parts, jovial drumbeats and ebullient melodies. It’s all about relishing these positive moments and making the most of them.

The track is a good insight into the new album – which is said to be inspired by Las Vegas. She spoke about it on MUNA’s Gayotic podcast, saying: “Las Vegas is the funniest, sweetest thing we could have done as humans. I acknowledge that it’s fucked up but it started with us being in the middle of the desert and asking, ‘What do we like? Games, nudity, lights, and money’ and making a playground out of that. It’s hedonism at its finest, and while it may have failed spectacularly, the initial endeavor was fucking awesome.”

Listen to ‘Uppercut’ below.