FOLLOWING the release of the ‘Eternity’ EP earlier this year, Lucia & The Best Boys have returned with an atmospheric ballad, in the form of ‘Let Go’.

Known for their unique take dark pop and punk, ‘Let Go’ is a strong diversion for the Glasgow band, showing a more vulnerable, ballad-esque edge to their sound. Frontwoman Lucia Fairfull’s voice takes centre stage in this intimate track, showcasing a more warming and delicate sound which further strengthens the bands diverse catalogue. Speaking about the track, Lucia said, “I have always enjoyed writing songs that are clear and to the point but I think ‘Let Go’ is the most honest and true I have ever been in a song. Last year I had a tough time trying to put my thoughts into comprehensible words because I was emotionally confused and sometimes lost. This led me to try things out, like writing on a piano which I never really do as I’ve always started writing songs on a guitar. Somehow this allowed these words to spill out of me whilst sitting at a piano, after a very long and frustrating time of finding what I wanted to say.”

Speaking about the video, filmed during lockdown, Lucia said “I had some really set out plans for the video of ‘Let Go’, but because isolation had just started I had to re-think the whole idea, and film it at home myself. The video portrays two versions of what I was feeling and going through during the time I wrote the song. One side of me still felt vulnerable and felt it couldn’t “Let Go” of things that were happening in my life, and the other was the stronger side of me where I knew I didn’t have a choice and the only person that could push me forward was myself.

As much as being surrounded by good people helps the only one who’s going to really help you through struggles and shit times is yourself. With that, I had my friend Quinn from LA who is an amazing expressive dancer, get her flat mate (Sara Cath) to film her dancing as it’s something I have always loved doing too. I want to include this visual representation of what the song means in the video. I sent the footage onto another friend and incredibly talented Glasgwegian video director Bryan Fergusson who put all the pieces together beautifully and turned it into what almost seemed like a dream going on in my head.”

Lucia & The Best Boys join punk trio Dream Wife on a UK and European tour in April and May 2021, including St Lukes in Glasgow.