LUCY Gaffney shares ‘Make Me Smile’, the latest single from her upcoming EP ‘Daydream In Tokyo’ out September 29th.

Following on from the optimistic nature of ‘Just Friends’ and pure-cut indie-pop of the title track ‘Daydream In Tokyo’, Gaffney’s latest offering provides inner conflict from wanting two distinct things at once – a familiar theme of her songwriting. In this case, dreams of living in an old, empty house in the absence of worries contrast with the desire for having someone to share it with.

Gaffney comments, “I’m really into architecture and the space where you live and dreaming where you could live. This song is about wanting to belong and to escape at the same time. It’s about the darker side of yourself when you feel lost but it’s also about wanting someone to connect with.”

The general feel-good vibe inspires listeners with infectiously melodic vocals and crunchy guitar chords, accompanied by some soft acoustic playing within the verses.

Listen to ‘Make Me Smile’ by Lucy Gaffney below.

Photo by Charlotte Patmore.