TO say that LVRA has a bright future ahead would be a drastic understatement.

‘GETS ME GOING’ is the latest track to arrive in a string of compelling releases including ‘DEAD’ and last year’s ‘LVCID’ EP – each one as exciting as the next.

A track destined for dark, sweat underground clubs, ‘GETS ME GOING’ sees her add some heavy electronic breakbeats and hyper-pop influences to her dark alt-pop sound. It’s a thrilling listen, backed by a pulse-quickening instrumental that gets increasingly frenetic as it progresses. Matching its hedonistic lyrical themes, it captures that feeling of losing all your inhibitions in a crowded party.

Known for combining traditional East-Asian instrument samples with R&B, trap and experimental electronic productions, this new single marks a shift towards a darker, bolder and more visceral sound.

She says “I love those sweaty basement clubs where you can completely absorb yourself in music surrounded by your friends. I’ve been inspired by a lot of harder, darker electronic music experienced in those places; where the bass frequencies evoke an animalistic reaction and you can allow the music to control your mind and body. Gets Me Going is kind of an ode to that music and those spaces, the thrill of that high and the confidence you feel when surrounded by people who share that energy”

Having already seized the attention of Radio 1, get acquainted with LVRA below.

Photo and Video by Oscar McNab