TO be perfectly frank, the amount of time that Edinburgh’s Man Of Moon left us bereft of new material bordered on cruelty. After cultivating a rabid and eclectic fanbase courtesy of 2016’s stellar Medicine EP, the band swept the rug from under us by barricading themselves in the studio for much of the past two years. For all that it may have felt like an arduous wait, it’s one that was certainly worth undertaking if ‘Ride The Waves’ is any representation of things to come.

The first track to be taken from the long-awaited Chemicals EP, ‘Ride The Waves’ was helmed by The Horrors’ Tom Furse and is defined by its perfect alchemy between the disparate sounds of  kraut rock and sprawling post-punk. Led by an unconventional rhythm from drummer Mikey Reid, the undefined parameters of the beat gives frontman Chris Bainbridge ample room to open up a sinister vortex of meandering vocals and hypnotic guitars. Rather than rehash the past or rely on the tried and tested, the duo have taken that air of hallucinogenic uncertainty that brought them to the forefront and elevated it to a new and far more immersive realm. To put it simply, if the mark of a great band is to leave fans wondering how you can possibly evolve or diversify before going on to surpass those expectations then it’s a criteria that Man Of Moon have met and expanded upon.

With the new EP inbound, check out ‘Ride The Waves’ and get all the details on their forthcoming tour dates below now: