PULLING together an array of disparate influences and amalgamating them all under one eternally reliant banner, Man Of Moon have been one of Scotland’s most fiercely creative outfits from the get-go. Gifted with an aversion to resting on their laurels or leaning too heavily on  deceptively fragile pillars of familiarity, their songwriting has underwent renovation and maintenance at every turn as they continue to push the boundaries of what a duo should really be capable of.

Just under a year on from the release of their gripping Chemicals EP, the Edinburgh outfit are back and in a contemplative headspace with new single ‘Rust.’

Setting off with hints of the unrelenting, motorik rhythms that had pricked ears up all those years ago on ‘The Road’, their latest offering sees Chris Bainbridge and Mikey Reid twist and re-purpose melancholy into something guiltily compelling. Much like its cover art, Man Of Moon have taken themselves into a monochromatic world of confessions and searing, explosive interplay between their core foundation of guitar and drums.

Burdened with the need to purge the darkness, Chris Bainbridge excels himself from a vocal standpoint across this riveting 5 minutes of brooding and beautiful noise. Exposing their hearts, minds and innermost thoughts to the cold light of day, the end product is something that’a all at once an exhilarating rush of catharsis, but hints towards an even darker underbelly that’s waiting to seep out.

Whatever emerges, we’re eager to be faced with it in the coming months.

Check out the phenomenal track now below: