man of moon 2016CAPTIVATING audiences wherever they may roam, the rise of Edinburgh’s Man Of Moon seems to be continuing unimpeded as their star rises throughout the UK.

Producing some of the most hypnotic and enveloping psych-tinged music that’s emerged in recent years, their accute ability to align the more abstract elements of their musical tastes with explosive hooks and choruses never fails to impress.

Taken from their outstanding Medicine EP (which we awarded a well deserved 8.5/10 upon its release), the ambitious duo have released a very fitting video for the bombastic lead single ‘Sign.’

The track itself is a motorik based composition which demonstrates the ease with which they can ramp up the intensity and their understanding of the pivotal nature of rhythm. boasting a musical synergy that cannot be denied, the moves and idiosyncrasies in their playing seem to compliment one another and provide the vessel through which a truly powerful unit can be established. Calculated yet with a sense of volatile passion, ‘Sign’ is among the strongest indications that they know precisely what it is that makes them great and are willing to explore every crevice of this terrain

The track’s video is a very arresting and stimulating accompaniment, charting the movements of a young man as he adjusts to life on the outside world after a stay in HMP Polmont. Struggling with existential questions and a lack of direction, he ponders the ramifications of being launched headlong into a life full of buckfast, joints, pills and crippling uncertainty.

Check out the video and the band’s intensive touring schedule below:


5th August- Electric Circus, Edinburgh
22nd September- Think Tank?, Newcastle
5th October- The Fulford Arms, York
6th October- The Victoria, London
7th October- Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar, Brighton
8th October- The Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
11th October- The Soup Kitchen, Manchester
12th October- Oporto, Leeds
13th October- Fruit, Hull
20th October- Tolbooth, Stirling
21st October- Buskers, Dundee
22nd October- Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen
25th November- Stereo, Glasgow