MAN OF MOON have re-emerged with a brand-new single called ’SUN’.

Marking their first outing since 2021, the new track sees the band push the parameters of their sound once more with shades of trip-hop and grunge thrown into their potent mix.

Written during a dark time of lockdown, there’s a real dark, ominous feel to the instrumental as singer Chris Bainbridge takes aim at those in the government who fail to take the climate crisis seriously. That sense of impending doom is prevalent throughout – their driving krautrock sound amped up by hip-hop beats, surging guitars and the faint apocalyptic echo of a saxophone. A heady mix of dark foreboding and thrilling intensity, the tension is perfectly measured from start to finish.

Chris Bainbridge of the band says “I have always been very inspired by the big layered half time beats of 90’s trip-hop artists such as Massive Attack and the grungy, driving guitar tones of heavier bands such as Queens of the Stone Age. I think that shows through this new track and gives a taste of what to expect from the second album that we are currently recording. It’s still got that real driving, krautrock feel to it like our first record but it also feels fresh and new.”

Speaking of the recording process Chris says “When I was writing the track it originally started with that bassline and fast motorik drums right throughout but once I layered that half time, hip-hop like beat on top it really took the track in a different direction than I thought it would go. On the demo I programmed some saxophone over the track which worked really well so when it came to recording I reached out to the very talented Harry Weir (Corto alto) to lay down some real sax and he nailed it. For this particular session I was lucky to have Peter Kelly (Ladytron) lay down some drums for it too which really brought the track to life.

Speaking about the meaning behind the track Chris says “The lyrics were written at a time during lockdown when everything felt very apocalyptic and they are aimed at those high up in government that refuse to take the climate crisis seriously.”

A fresh take on their definitive sound, ‘SUN’ is revitalised return from Man of Moon. The duo are currently working on the follow-up to their 2020 debut album ‘Dark Sea’, with a series of show coming up in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee to promote the new single. Get tickets here.

Listen to the new track below.