WIDELY recognised as the lead vocalist of well-respected synthpop outfit Ladytron, it is only right that Helen Marnie should get similar waves of attention for her captivating work as a solo artist. Having re-emerged as simply Marnie, the modern pop pioneer is ready to follow up her critically acclaimed debut solo album Crystal World from 2013 with the release of a new LP titled Strange Words and Weird Wars on 2nd June.

New single ‘Lost Maps’ is one of our first indicators of what to expect and it’s an enthralling slice of electro-pop that comes armed with a powerful battle cry. “Is there anybody out there speaking the truth? Don’t believe what they tell you” the singer declares over crushing percussion and dazzling synthesisers. Building up to a cathartic release on the chorus, it’s a powerful and sophisticated composition that pairs her hook-laden melodies with a deeply stirring edge.

Check it out below.