YOU may recognise her as one half of Glasgow-based indie duo Pretty Preachers Club, but Martha May is embarking on a new solo adventure with the release of her debut single ‘Hollywood is Dead, Guess This Is The End’.

Following the band’s surprise split late last year, the 22-year-old singer-songwriter has refused to rest on her laurels – turning her attention inwards and using music as an outlet to channel her own personal experiences and influences.

‘Hollywood is Dead, Guess This Is The End’ therefore marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter – and if it’s the blueprint for what’s to come, consider us very much on board. After much self-exploration and musical experimentation over the years, the track is a refreshing change of pace for the singer-songwriter- one that’s informed by Martha’s own love of classical, jazz and indie-pop music. Citing Mattiel, Bob Dylan and 1960s French pop as influences, she invites us into her warm sonic world with ease – the raw, organic instrumentation the perfect complement to her gentle vocals.

With a real fluid feel to it, her cathartic lyrics are backed by a mix of bass, guitar, drums, piano and clarinet – the latter bringing a kind of wistful melancholy to the piece. Encapsulating that bittersweet feeling of letting go while balancing the need to embrace new beginnings and a fresh start, it’s a compelling opening turn from the singer-songwriter.

With more new music to come this year, as well as some live shows, check out the new song below.