FOLLOWING the release of last year’s acclaimed EP ‘Because I Wanted You To Know’, Matilda Mann has made a welcome return with new single ‘Doomsday’.

Written during a particularly dark part of lockdown last December, the 21-year old singer-songwriter lends us a gentle reminder that even during the worst times, things will get better. As we approach summer, there’s timeliness to its release with Mann shining a light on the small things that make life good.

With her warm, captivating vocals and earnest lyrics at the heart of it all, there’s a breezy effortlessness to her songwriting that suggests a wisdom way beyond her years.

Speaking on the release, Matilda said: “Doomsday’ was written in December in lockdown. During that time, we really had to cling onto the small things in life, and sometimes it just felt like it was never going to get better. So ‘Doomsday’ was written to help people feel, that during the worst times, things are going to get better. We have each other and the small things that make life good.”

Listen below.