MC SALUM shares ‘Emotional Hip-House’ banger in the form of ‘Bury Me’, released through Big Indie Records.

‘Bury Me’ reiterates Salum’s reputation for genre-defying sounds whilst boasting a range of influences, resulting in a blend of delicate deliveries and hypnotic rhythms.

MC Salum explains the honest and reflective approach involved behind the creation of  his latest track: “Bury Me is inspired by Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha. It had a huge influence over my writing as I became more aware of how empty I was feeling, I couldn’t find peace and the book was a good first step towards it. I’m comparing the person I’ve been to the person I want to be. I want to stop reenacting my past in the present. I wanted it to sound like it’s between worlds; Reality feels fuzzy on this track.”

Following two sold out shows at Dundee’s Hunter S Thompson and performances at FOCUS Wales and Pitch Scotland, the Dundee talent has partnered with fashion store Sook Souk to host an intimate in-store ‘tiny desk’ performance in celebration of the single release.

Immerse yourself in the woozy world of ‘Bury Me’ by MC Salum here.