IRISH punks M(h)aol have shared the withering new single ‘Gender Studies’.

The band say of the track ““Gender studies weaves past & present in an exploration of how the construct of gender shapes our lives. From feeling like you’re not performing your gender right to the way it shapes how we move through the physical, sexual & romantic sphere it marries urgent lyrics with a threatening yet (blank) sound.”

A menacing and deadly dry musing on gender identity, ‘Gender Studies’ is an angular slice of post-punk that packs a brief but almighty punch. Consistently provoking without breaking stride, lead singer Roisin uses her words to control the energy of the track – her deadpan delivery never quite reaches boiling point as she places all the emphasis and the power in the directness of her words. With sludgy guitars and fiercely rigid rhythms, it rejects any notion of a conventional song structure; instead, driving the song with her own narrative.

It’s a compelling statement of intent from another exciting band to emerge from Ireland.

Listen below.

Photo by Susan Appleby