AFTER seizing our attention last year with their stirring debut single ‘Black Gloves’, Midnight Ambulance have opened their account for 2022 with the release of ‘Smoke and Sweets’.

Since first joining forces in 2020, the duo, comprised of old friends Fraser and Amelia, have shared a trio of singles – each as compelling as the next. They are dark, brooding and extremely dynamic, using unconventional rhythms, foreboding melodies and heavy alt-rock guitars to build their intensely stirring sound – oscillating between moments of quiet reflection and heavily charged catharsis.

‘Smoke and Sweets’ marks another step forward. From the very outset, we are enveloped in their dark and stirring world – Amelia’s softly alluring vocals are delivered against ominous beats before Fraser’s electrifying guitar enters the foray. Evoking feelings of loss and isolation, the track moves at a steady pace – the minimalist instrumental lending it a real brooding intensity. All about that ominous atmosphere, it eventually crashes to life around the two and a half minute mark and pounds its way towards a conclusion.

They say “‘Smoke & Sweets’ dives into the mind of someone whose reality is slipping away. The song explores the impact of isolation and loneliness, feelings which many people experienced during lockdown. The song was recorded with Paul Winton (LaFontains, Fatherson, American Clay) at North Road Studios using vintage equipment, which gives the track the raw honesty and emotion felt when written.”

Tune in below.

Photo by Gareth Goodlad