THE MOONLANDINGZ have unveiled a typically bizarre video for their latest single ‘The Strangle of Anna’.

The clip sees enigmatic frontman ‘Johnny Rocket’ (otherwise known as Lias Saoudi from Fat White Family) and guest vocalist Rebecca Taylor live out their surreal fantasies in the surroundings of a greasy spoon; the frontman donning a pair of fried eggs over his nipples as Taylor spits out her lyrics over mouthfuls of cake.

Taking the form of a warm and tender pop duet, the track isn’t quite what we’ve come to expect from the outfit. Less rambunctious and fearful than previous offerings, its woozy vocals reveal themes of liberation over a swirling backdrop of psychedelic sounds and methodical rhythms.

Discussing the video, the band’s Adrian Flanagan said: “Johnny Rocket (aka frontman Lias Saoudi, also of the Fat White Family) went completely method for the video by staying awake for 5 days solid before the shoot. On arrival on set he said he wanted to have the hairstyle of all the South Yorkshire greats, yer know, Turner, Hawley and the king of the crooners, Mr Tony Christie – but he wanted to take that look to the next level, which obviously, was to wear 2 fried eggs upon his person…It was hilarious, we filmed the video in a karaoke bar – cum – Chinese restaurant in Dalston and we had the chef there make about 100 fried eggs till there was two eggs that were aesthetically pleasing enough. When they were good enough, we covered Johnny in Vaseline, slapped these Luke warm fried eggs on his chest and wrapped him and them in cling film…Even Michael Jackson never ventured in to the realms of fry ups as fashion accessories on a video shoot… I’m pretty certain it’s gonna be the look of the summer!”

The single is set to feature on the band’s upcoming album Interplanetary Class Classics, coming out on 24th March on Transgressive Records. The Moonlandingz will also embark on a UK and European tour in March, with support from Goat Girl, which will bring them to Stereo in Glasgow on 23rd March.