MOY have unveiled striking new visuals to accompany their latest single ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’.

Consisting of over 2500 hand-drawn frames of the frontman and his band, the self-made animated clip took over a month to make during lockdown and the results are extremely impressive. Featuring the different band members in a number of scenarios, you can check it out below.

MOY’s fourth single ‘No Talk’s The Best Chat’ arrived a couple of weeks ago and marks their most emphatic offering to date. Fuelled by fuzzy, distorted basslines and super grungy guitars, the track displays a great amount of depth and energy given that it was recorded remotely. Boasting a monster of a chorus, it’s a track that deserves to be cranked up loud.

“When you have something new the first thing you want to do is show it to the band and start working out new parts, but we had to approach this differently,” says Auckland native MOY, regarding the complex recording process.

“We recorded the basis of the song and layered some sounds before sending it to our drummer and guitarist, both of who set their parts which they recorded with a minimal set-up. It was a strange feeling having their sounds on the song without us all being together.”

Check out the video below.