LEITH’S brand new self-proclaimed ‘Poundland Supergroup’ in the form of ‘Night Caller’ release debut single ‘The Look Your Sister Gives Me’.

‘Night Caller’ is made up of members from established Scottish acts including Callum Easter, Neon Waltz, The Stagger Rats, The Merrylees and more – instantly asserting their experienced presence within the Scottish music scene.

Tied with the announcement of an upcoming EP titled ‘Bedroom Thoughts’ available August, the fresh sound of ‘Night Caller’ provides intrigue amongst their direction considering the notable discography that members have under their belt.

The first musical release from the Edinburgh outfit provides a tease for what can be expected from the group, with deep vocals and ballad-inspired melodies involving a sing-along chorus.

Check out ‘The Look Your Sister Gives Me’ below.