CURRENTLY busy making a name for themselves over in Austin, Texas, it is no surprise that The Ninth Wave have been attracting massive crowds to their debut shows at SXSW this week. What will surprise many people though is their latest single ‘Used To Be Yours’.

Shifting the focus from distinguished frontman Haydn Park-Patterson to fellow vocalist Millie Kidd, the track brings a different kind of nuance and dynamic to their repertoire that we’ve not quite heard until now. More restrained and introspective than the cavernous post-punk we’re used to hearing from the outfit, ‘Used To Be Yours’ finds its strength in subtle rhythms, circling guitars and the deeply intimate performance between its two vocalists. A track that emotes and yearns in all the right places, it might just be their most intriguing offering to date.

Building up to the release of their debut album, The Ninth Wave return to The Great Escape this May. Check out the track below.