CRAFTING beautifully understated gems of electronic pop that are as soul-crushingly poignant as they are evocative and emotionally cathartic, OK Button have unveiled a beguiling new track called ‘Grenade’.

The latest instalment in a series of impeccable tracks that have seized the attention of fans and musos alike, the band have once again mastered their manipulation of light and shade in this stunning offering. Amber Wilson’s cool, whispered vocal is as arresting and emotive as ever; her deeply affecting lyrics delivered against a meticulously crafted arrangement that oscillates between minimalist electronica and more commanding choruses.

Rooted in its stunning, hard-hitting lyricism, it’s a show of personal strength and defiance as Wilson emerges from the ashes of a failed relationship. A band who reach into your soul with the deftest of touches, it’s another deeply moving track that evokes a sense of longing and empowerment all at once.

Arguably their finest track to date, ‘Grenade’ has arrived just in time for the band’s headline show at London’s Old Blue Last on Friday 19th April as part of our very own TTV Discover Tour. Get your tickets here.

Meanwhile, check out the track below.