A certified breeding ground for exciting new talent, OK Button are the latest Scottish outfit to sign to LAB Records, also home to the likes of Vistas, Vukovi, ST.MARTiiNS and The LaFontaines.

As their breakthrough year continues to gain momentum, the band have just shared a brand new single called ‘Verso’ and it’s a stunning slice of electronic pop that has left us utterly mesmerised once again. Amber Wilson’s distinctively crystalline vocal is enough to send you to tears; so icy cool yet simultaneously fraught with emotion in its deeply poignant lyrics as she evokes a sense of love, loss and heartbreak. The electronic backdrop is every bit as compelling; carefully shifting between stirring cinematic strings and wonky synth sections as they continue to push their sonic boundaries in intriguing ways.

A highly sophisticated and deeply moving return from the outfit, it’s a stunning addition to their increasingly impressive repertoire. They headline a night at King Tut’s Summer Nights on 28th July.