PARLIAMO offer a fresh insight to their diverse sound with latest moody single ‘Matters Like’.

The newest addition to the Perth sextet’s discography provides a slightly unconventional approach to their acclaimed sound of tongue-in-cheek social commentary lyricism combined with enthusiastic rhythms, where listeners can appreciate the group’s songwriting ability – evidently capable of achieving a range of sounds.

Discussing the relatability of finding confidence in a new relationship and the overcast feelings that can come hand-in-hand with it, vocalist Jack Dailly explains: “’Matters Like’ has a moodier sound than most of our previous output, with its screaming guitars and echoing hi-hats. This mood fits well with the lyrics, as the song touches on feelings of uncertainty and internal conflict. It’s a song about insecurity in a fledgling relationship and the plethora of emotions which come with getting to know more about someone than you might have bargained for.”

The mature concept expresses the sense of self-assurance within Parliamo that has been brought to the forefront of their sound lately, adding to the new direction established within previous single ‘You’re An Animal’.

Up next for Parliamo is a headline show at Cafe Drummond in Aberdeen tonight (19th May), followed by Edinburgh’s Mash House on Saturday 20th May.

Immerse yourself in ‘Matters Like’ below.