ALT-rock duo Perfectparachutepicture have topped off a prolific few months with the release of their debut EP ‘White Walls’.

Known for their energetic dynamics, thrashing guitars and pummelling drums, the pair match their intense arrangements with unbelievable ferocity.

Leading the EP is the dramatic title track – an empowering anthem that hits you square in the face. Packed with distortion, it’s a ferocious tune that sets the tone for the EP. It’s also a powerful introduction to their cinematic sound.

They say ‘White Walls’ was written during the darkest parts of the first lockdown, and it was hard to not write during that period of time, about the way it made us feel as songwriters.

At its core, this song is about breaking away from the mundanities in life that we can all sadly become comfortable in. While this song isn’t directly about the previous year’s events, no one can say that they haven’t been affected by it in some aspect of their life, and the rise and fall in ‘White Walls’ represents the rollercoaster that we’ve all been on at some point in our life.

We all need to look at the things that surround our life and take stock of what we want, and this song is the change that we all dream about, but maybe don’t always make.”

Listen below.