Pete Doherty-4A man that pulled himself back from the brink in order to get a new lease of life and renewed creative drive, Pete(r) Doherty is briefly retreating from his duties as a Libertine in order to deliver a new solo album. His first since Grace/Wastelands all the way back in 2009, his recent output has shone with that intangibly raw quality that had made his work with both his iconic band and his time with Babyshambles so unmissable and points toward an exciting future.

With the album slated for release in December, a new video for the recently unveiled ‘I Don’t Love Anyone (But You’re Not Just Anyone) has arrived.

Filled with that trademark Doherty drawl that manages to come across as both incoherent and poignant all in one fell swoop, this excerpt from the upcoming Hamburg Demonstrations is an emotive guitar ballad that recalls the more contemplative side of his work.

With the tale of the romanticised love affair brought to life through through ink blot art, the new video sees Pete acting as on-screen narrator whilst the story summoned by his words plays out.

Hamburg Demonstrations will be released on the 2nd December.

Check out the video now below: