phoboWITH a firm footing in Brixton’s music scene, Phobophobes are set to cause a stir far beyond the reaches of their hometown with the release of their new single ‘Human Baby’.

Belonging to the Fat White Family school of dark sleaze-rock, there is a wicked energy that lies at the heart of this track that makes it such a captivating prospect. Haunting rhythms and Jamie Taylor’s gruff drawl are offset by playful guitar lines, allowing the song to creep its way into your consciousness before a more harmonious chorus. As if luring you in with a dark sense of eeriness, it isn’t long before they show their potential for savage chaos as the track reaches its conclusion with a fuzzy onslaught of guitars and chanting vocals.

Phobophobes are currently on tour supporting Telegram and preparing for the release of their debut album next year. With plenty of radio support already behind it, ‘Human Baby’ will provide one side of the forthcoming single, the other featuring ‘Free The Naked Rambler’, and is due to come out on 11th November on Ra-Ra-Rok Records.