releasing their phenomenal debut album Stand Still And Rot earlier this year, the music world was put on notice that Pinact are one of Scotland’s foremost alt-rock outfits and a band that possess songwriting chops that few in the genre could rival.

Known for their admiration of the 90’s heyday of band’s such as Weezer, Nirvana and Sonic Youth, the band have ventured all the way back to the originators of punk as we know it today for an immensely enjoyable festive cover.

Taken from The Ramones’ Brain Drain LP,  the Glasgow based three piece have turned in a fantastic cover of ‘Merry Christmas (I Don’t Want To Fight Tonight).

Delivering a faithful rendition of the track which hints towards the more engulfing material that’s present on their debut album, their adaptation of this Ramones classic echoes the bittersweet yet understatedly poppy traits of their own original compositions all the while maintaining the air of aggression and raucousness that they’ve became known for.

Clearly brimming with the Christmas spirit, the band are set to play a very special show at Glasgow’s broadcast  on the 19th December as part of a brief run of Scottish dates.

Listen to the track below: