11010985_635291049933043_6307055783767788034_n (1)THE brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Corrie Gillies, Pinact are a visceral and rambunctious two piece who specialise in hard edged alt-rock that recalls the 90’s heyday of artists such as Dinosaur JR and Weezer; teaming intricate melodies with charged riffs and ferocious drums. With the release of their debut album imminent, Pinact have shared the energetic ‘Scars.’

Featuring an element of unbridled aggression in its central riff that registers as the essence of Sonic Youth paired with pop sensibilities, the track is one of their most revelatory to date. Exposing a band that have a knack for adopting the sound of a bygone decade and reinvigorating it, ‘Scars’ sees Pinact on peak form; causing the excitement for their debut full length to reach palpable levels.

Pinact’s long awaited debut Stand Still And Rot will be released on the 19th May 2015 via Kanine Records. With Chris McCrory of Catholic Action/Casual Sex now taking over the reins on drums, the band will play a special gig at Glasgow’s Broadcast to commemorate their album release on the aforementioned date.