based four piece PINS instantaneously stood following their arrival in 2012, with a sound that both evoked comparisons to punk fore-bearers such as The Slits as well as more contemporary artists such as Warpaint and Savages. Preparing to unleash their second album upon the public, they’ve returned with the video for ‘Young Girls’

Straddling both punk and indie rock with great dexterity, ‘Young Girls’ is absolutely infectious. Boosted by shimmering percussion, a driven bassline and a hazy, effects laden central guitar hook; PINS reassert themselves as one of the coolest all-girl bands operating within Britain and perhaps the world.

The track’s corresponding video depicts the band as a closely knit unit, however there is something much more sinister lurking below the surface.

The band’s forthcoming record Wild Nights will be released on 8th June 2015 via Bella Union.