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uplifting and with a social conscience like few artists can claim today, PJ Harvey’s first record in five years is shaping up to be a very important one in her catalogue.

Travelling across the world in order to immerse herself in different cultures and conflict zones, the now legendary singer/songwriter has revealed ‘The Orange Monkey’, the third track to be taken from her upcoming record The Hope Six Demolition Project. 

Filled with the allusions to desolate landscapes, the horrors of war and the sense of deep injustice that’s permeated through everything that we’ve heard from the record thus far, ‘The Orange Monkey’ is a deeply entrancing affair that boasts a hypnotic groove and bewitchingly off-kilter instrumentation.

Steeped in the same sonic landscape as ‘The Wheel’ yet exhibiting a more considered and less volatile approach, the track is bolstered by staid backing vocals and Harvey’s trademark croon.

The Hope Six Demolition Project will be released on the 15th April via Island Records.

Check out the track below: