been an excruciatingly long wait but we’re finally on the cusp of having a brand new full length of PJ Harvey’s unequivocal artistry to immerse ourselves in.

Having left a notable void in release schedules ever since 2011’s phenomenal Let England Shake, the multi-faceted singer/songwriter has departed from her native land and traveled extensively in the years that have passed, becoming inspired by the scenes and hardships and recording her latest opus The Hope Six Demolition Project. 

Having ventured everywhere from Kosovo and Afghanistan to Washington, DC, she’s defiantly careered back into our collective consciousness with her impassioned new track ‘The Wheel’.

Filled with strutting riffs and an air of discontent, ‘The Wheel’ sees PJ ramp up the intensity and plead for the “little children’ not to dissapear. A track that serves as a vehicle for her to vent the pent up frustrations which have clearly been fermenting withi  during the lengthy hiatus, it is accented by the utilisation of  magnificently twisted saxophone.

Demonstrating that she’s lost not an iota of that drive or unparalleled levels of creativity which helped make her name and led her to two Mercury Prize wins, ‘The Wheel’ is enrapturing enough that it’ll tide us over until the full length’s release.

The track’s newly released video is every bit as compelling and documents her trip to the greatly disputed territory of Kosovo, a nation which declared its independence from Kosovo in 2008. Veering from desolate ruins and deserted towns to images of poverty stricken communities putting on a resilient front, it’s a stark look at a ravaged nation which continues to rebuild in the face of adversity.

The Hope Six Demolition Project will be released on the  15th April via Island Records.

Check out the video below: