AUSTRALIAN psych rock outfit and Tame Impala affiliates Pond are preparing to unleash their new album The Weather upon the world next month. Having teased us with a couple of dizzying tracks, the band have now unveiled a captivating new video to accompany its cosmic title track.

Juxtaposing images of capitalist excess and frivolity with footage of fighter jets and forest fires, the video pays heed to the song’s nihilistic exploration of the human condition. Pond’s Nick Allbrook said: “The Weather’ is about reality’s penchant for unearthly deceleration in moments of total disaster and panic (micro and macro), and the real – flawed and silly and irredeemably human – humans who experience them. In these moments – when there is no more fan for the shit to hit – the once vain and frivolous pleasures of life seem so… not.”

As one of their most immediate offerings to date, ‘The Weather’ also demonstrates the band’s decision to deal in themes more close to home and presently accessible than the obscurity of their previous work. Filled with distorted vocals and copious synth-work, it’s a heady burst f woozy psychedelia.

The Weather is slated for release on 5th May through Marathon Artists. The band will embark on a short UK tour later this year and will arrive in Glasgow to play the Art School on 19th June.