Brighton’s Porridge Radio are at it again with another stellar new track, ‘Back To The Radio’.

 This track has anthem written all over it. It starts off slowly, quietly building and then hits you with what can only be described as a cathartic release as the song comes to a close. 

Lead singer Dana Margolin shares, “I wrote [the song] at the end of 2019 when we were gearing up for the release of Every Bad and I felt like a lot of things were coming that I wasn’t sure I knew how to handle. The song grew out of a feeling of intense loneliness and being unprepared for what everybody was promising me was about to happen – and a strong desire to escape without knowing what I wanted to escape to.”

The music is beautiful, but it is the lyrics that really draw you in. Listening to the track, you have a feeling of that coming-of-age moment, needing to get out but not knowing where to go as Dana mentioned, and feeling that existential crisis; definitely something everyone can probably relate to after the events of the last few years. 

If this single is a sign of what is to come from their upcoming album, we can’t wait to hear it. 

Listen to the track here:

Watch the video here.

Photo by Matilda Hill-Jenkins