IN what is a remarkably short span of time, Dundee’s Beta Waves have seamlessly cemented their place as not just another pair of budding musicians with high-minded aspirations but a proposition that have the material and raw ingenuity to stand out amid the rabble.

Forged from the creatively fluid traditions of psychedelia and electronica, the  their fantastic debut single ‘I Think I’m Melting’ was proven to not be an anomaly or freak occurrence when the transfixing odyssey that is ‘Let It Out’ emerged at the beginning of the month.

Released ahead of their inaugural appearance at the revered King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, TTV are excited to bring you the first look at the track’s accompanying visuals.

As stated in our New Music Radar upon its release, ‘Let It Out’ eschews any template and instead opts for a  blank canvas upon which they deliver an enticingly rhythmic track that allows for their tangential mindset to dabble with meandering psychedelia and cerebral synth pop within a single bar of one another. A prospect that is brimming with potential in a land where Django Django and Man Of Moon were given free reign to blossom in a similarly unconstrained manner, their future remains as bright and vivid as the enveloping sonic journeys that they construct.

In terms of the inspiration and origins of its video, Beta Waves have said that:

“We had various ideas for a video, some with heavily edited visuals, some with a Oscar award winning story line. But really when it came to it, the song already has a lot going on so we felt that anything over complicated or overproduced would detract from it. The concept actually came to us by accident because I’m actually filmed dancing to a different song. Troy (of Magicbox) just thought ‘this will work’ and all credit to him it did.”

After being unceremoniously thrust directly into the spotlight after they piqued the interest of industry insiders and avid music fans alike, the band have provided us with some insight as to what’s on the horizon for them in the coming months:

“We are excited to just get out and play some great shows and we will be playing our first couple of festivals that will be announced really soon, some exciting news to come out about those.  The next show is our King Tut’s debut supporting Neon Waltz alongside Walt Disco on the 11th May. They are two amazing bands to be playing with so we’re really looking forward to that. Looking a little further on we have EH6 festival in Edinburgh at the end of May before the summer. We have loads lined up for this year that we can’t wait to let everyone know about.

Check out the video now below: