PROPRIETORS of an ominous, hard-edged sound that could only manifest itself within the confines of an industrial nation such as ours, Bluebirds have arrived and are preparing to challenge convention and fascinate audiences with their alluringly gritty material.

Leaving us awestruck at last year’s Tenement Trail, the band have continued to develop their material while barging their way through the crowds to be in line as the heir apparent to The Amazing Snakehead’s sordid throne as the country’s most darkly fascinating band.

Set to perform at Stag and Dagger this weekend, TTV have the distinct pleasure of providing you with the first listen of their new single ‘Subcultural Love.’

The sound of modern discontent condensed into five minutes of menacing guitars and devilish proclamations, the track positions the band as the sort of provocateurs that are all too sparse in modern rock ‘n’ roll. Recorded at Green Door Studios alongside Stu Evans, the band’s frontman Daniel Telford revealed that the track is a nihilistic look upon our incessant need for definition:

“It’s about this modern day culture of people constantly categorising groups of people, coming up with ridiculous new names to separate themselves or other people from one another; crusties, spice boys, electro heads, my most hated one – glam goths, whatever, the point of it is we’re all dying from the day we’re born and utterly insignificant. Can we not just get on it and make a dick out ourselves anymore? Nobody cares basically and if you do you should be sent back to the factory in my eyes.”

‘Subcultural Love’ is the first track to be taken from their upcoming EP There Is No God which will be marked with launch shows at Edinburgh’s Sneaky Pete’s and Glasgow’s The Priory on the 19th & 20th May respectively.

Check out the track now below: