EDINBURGH-based singer-songwriter Fourth Daughter has dropped the first in a long line of singles, with dream-pop track, ‘Vision Of You’.

Formerly EMILIE, ‘Vision Of You’ marks the next step on a journey of reinvention and innovation for this singer-songwriter, an exploration of dreamy synths and choral vocals create a sound that is as inventive orchestral as it as pure pop. “I used really airy synth pads, sweeping backing vocals and a house-feel to try and create the right atmosphere for quite a melancholic topic.”

The sound that these potentially-conflicting elements creates is the perfect marriage of percussion and smooth elements, a sound that provides the perfect accompaniment to the track’s meaning. Speaking about the topic behind the ‘Vision Of You’, Emily said “I wrote Vision of You shortly after a really vivid lucid dream and was just trying to see the positivity in losing someone. Just realising that they’re always around us, both in waking and sleeping so it’s quite cathartic really.” As the track’s intensity and groove fades as a preamble to the final chorus, the layers of vocals fade to become a stunning solo interlude before the tune trips into the final of the stunning section of this track.

A sum of many parts, both emotional and musical, make Fourth Daughter’s ‘Vision Of You’ not only a unique approach to synth-pop but a nod to their intentions for the rest of 2020.