YOU may know him as the bassist of one of Scotland’s most well-loved indie outfits but Kieren Webster of The View is back, employing his well-established songwriting pedigree under the succinct new moniker of WEB. Formed in 2019, Webster’s latest musical endeavour have already made their presence known across Scotland with performances at Tenement Trail and support slots for the likes of The Libertines. Having developed a strong head of steam in such a short time, they have now finally emerged from the studio to unleash their very first piece of recorded material into the world.  TENEMENT TV are delighted to bring you the premiere of WEB’s debut single ‘Haze’. 

‘Haze’, while fitting with the canon of Webster’s previous work with The View, has a fresh vitality and style that is uniquely its own. There are shades of early punk, reminiscent of the likes of The Stooges or Buzzcocks, while the timbre of Webster’s distinctive voice and rock and roll drawl lends itself to the raw, vintage style. It is sure to go down a storm with fans old and new and marks the band out as a vital addition to the nation’s flourishing guitar music movement. In a stark divergence from the norms of Scottish guitar music, however, WEB are set to release a remix of ‘Haze’ by Dundee psych-pop duo Beta Waves as a B-side. 

Until its unfortunate postponement, WEB were set to play this year’s TTV Discover Tour. However, during this unprecedented period of shutdown for the music industry and the world at large, the steady flow of new music such as this provides a glimmer of hope to fans eager to get back to seeing their favourite artists.

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