CEASELESSLY inventive since the formative stages of their career, Glasgow’s own Home$lice are simply the product of a simple insatiable desire to create, challenge and remould in their own image. Just as all of the finest bands that labels such as Postcard, Chemikal Underground and Fast Product that went before them, the five piece  are completely unbound by any preconceptions about what they sound like based on geographical location or any self-imposed censorship and this trait is exactly what made their debut album Howdy so wholly compelling.

Not content to bask in the splendour of a job well done, the band have wasted little time in following up their first full-length with new single ‘$1,000,000′ and it’s one that we’re delighted to preview ahead of its release tomorrow.

Commencing with juddering rhythms that wouldn’t be out of place in the experimental hip-hop realm of Clipping or JPEGmafia, they quickly display that trademark versatility as the track re-calibrates into a biting piece of lo-fi fuzz rock. Constructed around an fractious  narrator whose mind seems riddled with inconsistencies and misgivings about his positioning in the world, the track’s exultant guitar-based dissonance seems to belie the darkness that will meander objectionably into the foreground. A scathing indictment of the Monday-to-Friday monotony as frontman Josh MacDowall laments over spewing “your daily planner into your 11 o’clock lunch”, the track’s spoken-word fuelled climax invokes the spirit of Lee Ranaldo, Lou Reed and Television Personalities’ Dan Treacy at their most lucid as he grapple with existential crises and the interchangeability of it all before things grind to a poignant halt.

Their most pertinent and essential listen to date, the track emerges on streaming services tomorrow but can be heard ahead of time just below: