SCARLETT RANDLE digs out old childhood footage for the touching new video that accompanies her latest single ‘Blue’.

Featuring clips taken ahead of her primary 7 prom in 2008, we see images of a young, anxious-looking Scarlett interspersed with footage of her current self frolicking around gardens and fields in full performance mode.

Reflecting back on her younger years in the best way she knows how – with laughter and a sense of humour – the video is also a poignant reminder to embrace every part of yourself, even the parts that have been hidden away for some time.

Digging out the old footage, has proved a revelatory experience for the singer, who says “Looking back at old photos and videos of younger versions of yourself is always incredibly cringe and embarrassing, this video is about embracing the child in you and the parts of yourself that feel unlovable and seeing the light in what is quite often a place that holds a lot of shame. For me the best way to deal with the shame is to come at it with joy, laughter and a sense of humour.”

The nostalgic video gains even more poignancy when paired with ‘Blue’, a track full of soulful ambience, gracefully tender vocals and sweeping, soothing instrumentation. “Dedicated to young Scarlotta, it gets better” reads its final uplifting message.

TTV are delighted to bring you the premiere of the official video for ‘Blue’. Check it out below.