BEFORE Chris McCrory was transfixing audiences all over the UK with his own brand of punchy glam rock as frontman of Catholic Action, he was perched behind the drum kit of the once prominent Casual Sex.

A band that once commanded a substantial following and even made their way stateside to emphatically make their presence  known, it seemed as though wider acclaim was within their grasp when it all came to a startling and abrupt end.

Reconvening after a period of contemplation, Samuel, Chris and Pete have brazenly strutted out from the shadowy recesses with newly curated project known as  I.Solar.

Released via the Riverside Complex’s Little Tiger imprint, TTV are happy to premiere their debut track ‘Concubine’ and its accompanying video.

Filled with the familiar sense of seedy opulence that we’d come to adore from their previous incarnation, ‘Concubine’ is as pungent and gripping an opening statement as you could wish to make. Complete with intoxicating, post-punk guitars, uproarious rhythms and a smorgasbord of synths, the track coaxes you into its decadent world whilst guided by Samuel Smith as he comperes in a croon which alludes towards an untapped middle ground between early Elvis Costello and Bryan Ferry.

Directed by McCrory, its visual accompaniment substantiates the world which the soundtrack births with an overarching feeling of menace laced with playful imagery.

‘Concubine’ is available via Little Tiger whilst the band are set to make their live debut at The Hug & Pint alongside Fenella on Friday 28th April.

Check out the video now below: