thing which the modern music consumer undeniably finds admirable is originality, as there really is nothing better than unearthing a band with a sound of their own during a time when there’s so many carbon copies. That’s precisely what Glasgow’s Sweaty Palms have accrued, enlisting tropes of various styles and marking out their own distinct (and often hostile) niche, the Fuzzkill Records band have produced something rather special with new EP ‘Hollywood Wax’;  a great collection which TTV have the pleasure of premiering.

Lurching into life with our attention in tow, ‘Captain of the Rugby Team’ registers as notably eerie amidst its garage rock guitar and charismatic vocal work. With a sound that resembles The Stooges interbred with The Birthday Party, this haunting yet enjoyable opening volley sets the precedent for much of what is to come; maintaining a sense of inherent light heartedness alongside the ghoulish aesthetic that is present.

Nihilistic and despondent, ‘Grey Existance’ sees the band venting their frustrations towards our apathetic culture over a bedrock of rugged guitar and comically jovial handclaps. Taking aim at modern afflictions such as our seemingly boundless overreliance on technology, the band have managed to masterfully distil their discontent into an electrifying track that doesn’t even reach the three minute mark.

Departing from traditional pop structure in order to deliver a stimulating instrumental that is accented only by feral howls and anguished cries, ‘The Tube’ sees them exercise their ability to fuse together facets of gritty proto punk with the melodic tendencies of surf and early psychedelic pop. A whirlwind of crashing percussion and marauding guitar, it never seems far from careering off toward utter lunacy at any juncture; making it all the more exhilarating for those who’re willing to embark upon the ride with this ingenious three piece.

Plodding and ominous from the outset, ‘Mutton Dressed As Lamb’ sees the band truly ramp up the air of menace which was alluded to in previous tracks and flesh it out to its fullest potential; turning in a murky, downtrodden number that maintains its sinister atmosphere throughout.

For those looking to deviate from the formulaic and venture off into the relatively unknown, this EP will no doubt whet your appetite for the band’s next move.

Check out the exclusive stream of the ‘Hollywood Wax’ EP below: