creative, incorrigibly original and with a sound that is eclectic in a manner that many of their contemporaries wouldn’t dare to be, Pronto Mama have wholeheartedly captivated the nation’s music scene in recent years.

Turning in one of the finest sets of the day at Tenement Trail and with a much anticipated show at Glasgow’s St Luke’s looming ever closer, the band have released a great new track entitled ‘Arabesque.’

Recorded completely live and onto tape in Edinburgh’s Chamber Studio, ‘Arabesque’ is quite a feat.

Laden with lavish synths, ginormous basslines, atypically joyous horns and some of their most spellbinding guitar work to date, it’s every bit as ambitious as it is enjoyable. Not entirely dissimilar from their earlier work but more forthcoming in its experimental nature, this may well be the starting point of a new dawn for the band.

Pronto Mama will play Glasgow’s newest venue St Luke’s on the 4th December alongside Bwani.

Check out the track below: