act like no other, Public Service Broadcasting have both impressed and inspired since the very moment that they strode onto the scene. Blending archive audio, public service announcements and all manner of relics from our collective history with incredibly forward-thinking music, the duo left us in awe once again with this year’s The Race For Space. 

Coming off the back of a brief period supporting Editors on tour, PSB have revealed the video for album standout ‘Sputnik’ which was filmed inside Manchester’s Jodrell Bank Observatory.

Starting off in a fairly sedate yet notably tense fashion, the track itself is an engrossing composition which perfectly encapsulates the high stakes nature of the space exploration which served as the album’s central concept. Recurring bursts of guitar compliment its electronic textures before giving away an uplifting synth line which stops you in your tracks and allows you to believe that something truly momentous is about to take place.

The Race For Space is out now via Test Card Recordings.

Check out the video below: