QUICHE try their hand at heavy metal on their amazing new single “I’ll Never Know”.

If someone were to ask you what Scotland’s alternative/indie scene needs, probably the last thing you  would have thought to say is heavier riffs and Iron Maiden-esque guitar solos.

And yet, Quiche have proven to us all that there has indeed been a colossal heavy metal-shaped hole in our musical landscape.

There has always been a suggestion of classic rock in the band’s music, with delightfully layered vocals and catchy, harmonising guitars featuring in most of their songs. “I’ll Never Know”, however, channels these characteristics into a classic metal pastiche.

It can sometimes be a bit of a cliche to credit a band for their willingness to experiment with new sounds and push their boundaries. These things are, after all, necessities for any band to have lasting credibility and remain interesting.

However, very few bands in Scotland right now are as deserving of this kind of praise as Quiche. Their previous release “Hor-cha” expressed an interest in writing heavier music, but to come flying out the traps with a song such as this is a real treat for their fans, and will no doubt garner them acclaim far and wide.

Check out ‘I’ll Never Know’ below.