RACHEL SERMANNI has shared the second single from her upcoming album ‘Dreamer Awake’.

The new album is said to be her most cerebral yet, exploring ideas of the subconscious, and new single ‘Killer Line’ embodies this perfectly.

The song was, in Rachel’s own words, “[w]ritten after hearing that friend and fellow musician, Pat, had dreamt that we’d been writing together and I’d come up with “A killer line” which he, on waking, could no longer remember. I thought this to be a most beautiful concept and idea for a creative piece in itself.”

A suitably intimate and gentle recording, it captures the agony of the creative process and trying to remember things ew’ve forgotten. The intimacy of the recording is captured in the view, which you can see below.

‘Dreamer Awake’ arrives on 15th September. Watch the video for ‘Killer Line’ below.