DRIVEN by a relentless touring schedule that has taken them all over the UK and beyond, punk stalwarts Rascalton are no strangers to the road. Last night, the band kicked off yet another string of dates in Newcastle and shared a new track to coincide with the beginning of the new tour.

Teaming up with London-based label Council Records, ‘Employee of the Month’ will certainly whet fans’ appetite for good old mosh. Led by a formidable vocal display from Jack Wyles, the band fizz through an onslaught of punchy riffs and hard-hitting rhythms while examining the piling frustration that comes with selling your soul to a dead end job.

As ever, Rascalton pull no punches in their delivery and the track bursts with urgency and punk-fuelled defiance. And they’re exploring new dynamics too. From the fresh-faced punk upstarts they were three years ago to where they are today, it’s clear they have spent a significant amount of time honing their craft in amongst all the relentless touring and festival slots.

‘Employee of the Month’ is available in a coloured, 12″ vinyl with B-side ‘Eddy’ via Council Records. Check it out below.