RascaltonONE of the foremost bands in Glasgow’s thriving punk scene, Rascalton, have released the video for their latest single, ‘Sign of the Times’.

Co-written with Johnny Madden of Baby Strange, and produce at 7 West Studios, ‘Sign of the Times’ precedes the upcoming EP postponed by Covid-19.

‘Sign Of The Times’ adds a dark, menacing streak to Rascalton’s rollicking brand of punk-rock. A no holds barred, enthralling tune that turns the lights and camera on society’s scary ills, with a harsh, biting social commentary. With shouts of “Why we gotta do it like this?”, it feels like a rallying cry akin to punk pioneers like the Clash and Stiff Little Fingers.

Frontman Jack Wyles stated: “In Glasgow right now especially, the numbers of food banks being used is just increasing constantly every year, so that was in my mind writing most of this, but some of the lyrics about being in shops and empty shelves seem to feel very current and like what we’re all experiencing right now”

Rascalton join the likes of Baby Strange, Neon Waltz, Lucia + The Best Boys and The Van T’s between 3pm and 6pm during TTV’s stint for Nordoff Robbins’ Stream 4 Scotland. Find out more here.