RAVELOE, aka Kim Grant, has shared her first new track of 2023 – ‘Rustle in the Leaves’

The artist, who first came onto our radar with the carefully considered and mesmerising ‘Notes and Dreams’ EP and ‘Catkins’, has returned with a beautifully crafted folk song that seizes the heart with its tranquil melodies and intimate reflections.

Arriving from a place of personal reflection and self-discovery, the track alludes to facing your inner demons and gaining strength, using natural imagery to evoke her journey of self-connection.

With her entrancing vocals set against a warming organic instrumentation – her finger-picked acoustic melodies are elevated by uplifting strings and percussion. It’s a captivating listen that’s imbued with feelings of hope and optimism, marking the sound of an artist finding light in the darkness.

Check it out below.