REBEKKA KARIJORD has shared a beautiful new track from her upcoming album Mother Tongue, due for release this coming Friday (27th January). The Swedish-based Norwegian artist has poured her heart and soul into her latest record which takes the form of a concept album; a deeply personal and courageous piece of work that explores the traumatic arrival of her first baby, three months early, and her entrance into motherhood.

‘Home’ is the album’s lead single and is yet another moving insight into what’s to come. Mixing a twinkle of piano keys with delicate electronic arpeggios, there is an ethereal quality to the track that makes it a thing of layered beauty; her heartfelt delivery giving it an emotional power and depth that is hard to ignore. Through her visceral lyrics (“listen to two hearts syncopating”), she explores the very definition of a co-dependent relationship.

The accompanying video was directed by Ted Malmros and Krijord herself, and builds on these themes with its layers of projections and meta artistic visuals; effectively tapping into the angelic nature of the song.

Krijord has said: ‘Home´ is a love song about a co-dependent / symbiotic relationship, where the two parts are in an ebb and flow. Giving, taking, challenging and saving each other.¨

Check out the video below: