red hot
would have said that the writing had been on the wall since the first spate of festival announcements but today marks the official reveal of the next phase of The Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Having abstained from recorded material since 2011’s I’m With You, the band are slated to return with their brand new album in June and have taken it upon themselves to allow fans a small taster of what to expect.

Premiered across US radio stations, the band have provided us with ‘Dark Necessities’, a funk-laden number which sees their sound at a transitional stage.

Landed somewhere between the stadium straddling rock that they have been known for in recent years and the funk-laden revelry that made their name at the outset of their career, ‘Dark Necessities’ pairs emphatic bursts of piano alongside a bass riff that could’ve only been crafted by the fingers of Flea.

With Anthony Kiedis on fine vocal form, the track’s apex occurs when John Frusciante’s protege Josh Klinghoffer is let loose and is permitted to unleash a barrage of guitar-based ferocity that was missing on their last full length.

Departing from Rick Rubin after he helmed the last six albums, the band have enlisted the services of Danger Mouse on production.

The result is a brazen new direction which revitalises the common perception of RHCP and could be the genesis of a truly spectacular new album.

Their new record The Getaway will be released on the 17th June via Warner Bros.

Listen to the track below: